Baby On Board sign
Safety 1st Baby On Board

Safety 1st Baby On Board


The Baby On Board sign is internationally recognized. This is Safety 1st’s emblematic car accessory!

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Safety 1st Baby On Board.  This is Safety 1st’s emblematic car accessory!

Baby on board” is the message of a small (usually 12 centimetres or 5 inches) sign intended to be placed in the back window of an automobile to caution other drivers that an infant is travelling in the automobile.

Should you use a baby on board sign?

KidSafe QLD CEO Susan Teerds says there is no harm in using a ‘baby on board’ sign. It might not work in a lot of respects, but as long as it doesn’t obscure your vision, why wouldn’t you use it as a little precaution? Emergency respondents on seeing that may very well make sure they check for a baby.

Where do you put the Safety 1st baby on board sign?

Best practice is to stick it on the outside of your rear window for optimum visibility. That said, you could really stick it on any car window you desire, (except your windshield, duh). 

Who invented the Baby on Board sign?

Michael Lerner
Michael Lerner had the idea of marketing the sign in 1984, right after he drove his 18-month-old nephew home.

Why do people put Baby on Board stickers on their cars?

The baby on board signs are there to alert the emergency services that there is a child in the car in the event of an accident.