Avent Airflex teats 1 month + NUMBER 2 SIZE

Avent Airflex teats 1 month + NUMBER 2 SIZE


Philips AVENT Airflex Silicone Nipple Slow Flow Bottle Teat 1m+ 1 Month 2-Pack Good Gift For Mom and Baby

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Avent Airflex Teat uses a unique teat skirt that has a one-way air valve that flexes to allow air into the bottle to prevent a vacuum, whilst milk flows at a pace that baby controls. The naturally shaped teat promotes proper latch-on and makes it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding.


How do I know when to go up a teat size?

As a baby’s feeding develops and they are taking a longer time feeding from an Avent Airflex Level 3 teat, many parents choose to move up to a Level 4 teat. Appropriate if your child has shown consistent feeding with no difficulties and is taking larger amounts at the breast and bottle.

What age is Avent Number 2 teats?

The Slow Flow teat (with the number 2 on the teat) is recommended for babies of 1+ months old that are breastfed and bottle-fed. 
Avent bottles are perhaps the most popular baby bottles on the market today, along with Dr. Brown’s. Many parents swear by them for reducing colic and gas and being easy to clean (easier than the multi-piece Dr. Brown’s bottles).

Which flow teat should I use?

Flow rates of teats refer to the size or number of holes in the teat. This affects how quickly milk ‘flows’ from the teat into your baby’s mouth. The categories are slow, medium and fast. Slow flow is generally preferable for newborns, while you’re both learning to feed.